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Mechanical ventilation is the intentional fan driven flow of outdoor air into a building. Mechanical ventilation systems may include supply fans (which push outdoor air into a building), exhaust fans (which draw air out of building and thereby cause equal ventilation flow into a building), or a combination of both. Mechanical ventilation is often provided by equipment that is also used to heat and cool a space.

Mechanical Ventilation components

  • A hood that captures the contaminant at its source
  • Ducts for transporting the air
  • An air-cleaning device that removes/minimizes the contaminant
  • A fan that moves the air through the system
  • An exhaust stack through which the contaminated air is discharged

Application of Mechanical Ventilation

  • Toilet Exhaust Systems
  • Fume Cupboard/Extraction Systems
  • Smoke Exhaust and Stairwell Pressurisation
  • Factory / Carpark Ventilation
  • Fresh Air Systems
  • Industrial exhaust systemsConstant velocity HEPA filtration systems
  • Hospital Theaters
  • Industries


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